My Daughter

My Daughter
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Sunday, January 30, 2005

America's Gruesome Jewelry

Virtually limitless energy has made the US the most affluent country in the world for many years. American's are awash in a sea of wealth, and all the goodies that come with it.

Is there any doubt that this prosperity is ultimately behind the culture of consumerism that is the American dream?

The richest, most indulgent, over weight, consumers in the world are immersed in the economic opportunities offered in the US.

It's easy to see what the effect of poverty on various countries has been; just google African starvation.

If these economic assets were more evenly divided among countries, it stands to reason that currently poor nations would have fewer of the effects of poverty, like starvation for example.

Therefore, in a rather literal way, American's, (& other wealthy nations), are wearing the missing flesh of impoverished peoples, in the form of all the luxuries of American life. All the jewelry, the clothing, cars, homes etc... common in American life, are like an economic trophy awarded to the "winners" of the economic lottery; awards which are all but stripped from the flesh of the losers in this battle, and worn proudly by the victors.

After all, the wealth which is represented by our status symbols, could be used to feed the masses, putting muscle on the bones of starving people, instead of diamonds on the neck of our pampered elite.

Is the fat you see on American's bodies a grisly kind of jewelry, flaunted before the economic losers of our planet?

Are American's literally "wearing" the flesh taken from the world's poor?

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wlh1us said...

its just not a ggod thing to see, and is quite discusting too, take off the ugly fat , turn off the tv, cut the fast food too ya oinkers