My Daughter

My Daughter
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Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Peek of Peak

Big thunderstorms down here in Southern Texas today.

I just now came back on-line after a power outage... and it got me thinking.

The lights flickered for a moment, and the power was gone. "Great, Oil really has peaked, and now I'm screwed," I chuckled.

No lights, no TV, no computer, & slowly rotting food in the fridge. And very quiet. Only the storm could be heard. No commercial jingles, or incoming mail... nothing.

I looked around my home at the valuable stuff I have worked so hard to acquire, now a useless pile of expensive paperweights. All the sleek black units, and clever computer devices, even my big TV sat mute, in an almost deafening roar of silence.

I'd make some breakfast, but the microwave and electric stove won't work. No bother... I'll grill some steaks on my barbecue grill and all is well. A little charcoal and lighter fluid, and poof! I'm on my way. Breakfast is served.

So I'm crouched over my grill, listening to the sounds of the storm across the lake when it hits me. This image of myself, huddled around a burning pile of coal, grilling raw meat as the storm rages all around me. The street lights are off. I hear sirens in the distance. No news... No phone... I forgot to get gas yesterday, but now the pumps won't run. Up & down the coast where we live, no lights burn, no music plays. People wait in anticipation for the power to return. No one stirs.

I went from techno-crusader, to coal burning savage in about 1 second flat.

How unique and insignificant, and strange and precious this life we live. Balanced on a knife's edge between two such extremes.

"I once had a dream; but that dream is now gone from me."

And then the lights came on...

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