My Daughter

My Daughter
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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Walking Walmart

Don't ask why I was there...

But I was walking through Walmart today, and as anyone who has been to Walmart can attest, it's a vast sea of crap with the good stuff (read electronics, movies, games, etc...), all the way in the back, (So you have to walk past all their other stuff to get there).

So as I'm passing the children's clothes section, weaving in and around turnstiles of textile packed displays, it occurred to me that the tiny little skirts and shirts and blue jeans with the faded knees already in place, may well have been crafted by Chinese children no older than the kids who will eventually wear this stuff.

This grim image of impoverished children making clothes just their size, but which they could never afford, to be shipped to more fortunate American children...

If this already occurred to you and was no big deal... shame on you.

If you never thought of it like this before, try staring at a cute little kids outfit for a moment the next time you're in a Walmart.

You'll see yourself staring back...

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fastbike said...

"The best thing about globalisation is that it allows my kids to buy things made by other kids their own age".

Kinda sad !