My Daughter

My Daughter
Remember when you learned how to do this?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Greetings From Mexico

Hola Amigos,

Just taking a break from life down in Isla Mujeres Mexico and wanted to say hi to all the folks.

Hi folks...

No phone, no news, nada...

Ahhh depletion... the cause of... and solution to... all life´s problems.

See everyone next week.


baloghblog said...

honeymooned there and loved it! Took a great fishing expedition with "el capitan" and his son and my wife and I both caught barracuda(e?) then he drove us around the back side of the island and cooked it on an open pit BBQ served with rice and beans and some snapper that he traded for. (snorkeling after that)-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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