My Daughter

My Daughter
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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lander & Doomers

This is a recurring theme around here.

Landers on one side & doomers on the other, with the moderates in between trying to keep the peace. First, if you think PO is about fluffy unicorns prancing around your bio fuels station after a mild road bump in hydrocarbon production... then why the hell are you here?



It's as if you think mankind will just coast into the hydrogen filling station when your gas runs out.

I'll share with you my core reason for being a so called "doomer".

It's because of all you Landers. Your insane belief in the continued growth of human systems has brought us to this juncture, and threatens to plunge us into resource wars going forward. The market will solve right? Solve what? Oh yes, the problem is "How can we sustain our mad experiment in growth and continue trashing our planet on a geologic scale?" Smash up corn & turkeys? Extract exotic methane from the seafloor? Liquefy coal? Cooking oil? Anything to keep the machine growing yes?

Your "Emperors New Clothes" attitudes hold the seeds of our doom, and promises an unpleasant future for our descendants.

To be fair, I don't hold with the conspiracy crapola myself, so Ruppert & company do detract from the actual debate. It's not raving hoards of Illuminati warriors I fear, or 911 cover-up black ops, or alien sphincter probes. I fear you Lander's complacency in the face of reality... scarcity = conflict So while you choose the most outrageous doomer prescriptions for the future to rebut, the reality of depletion continues.

The Landers would have mankind continue dumping carbon into the environment without pause. While the largest ice sheet in the world sprints across Greenland at 100 feet per day, melting a hundred times faster than only 5 years ago.

One thing is certain... finding even more carbon to release is NOT a solution to our carbon dilemma. So unless you plan to panel China, & India with wall to wall solar panels, the collapse of the hydrocarbon economy is inevitable. And with that collapse comes war. Thanks... for nothing.

Forget the Skull & Bones nonsense... Ignore the NWO nonsense. You can even ignore the geologic aspects of peak oil itself. Pay attention to how your neighbors react to our hydrocarbon dilemma...

It's kinda like a first date... pay attention to how your date treats your server at the restaurant. Because that's how they will be treating you in 6 weeks.

Most of you have never experienced real hardship. Your naive Pollyanna attitudes tell the tale. Your holier than thou attitudes make it clear you have never actually suffered with hunger or homelessness.

Think you are better than those poor skeletons in New Orleans? News Flash... you aren't. Landers demonstrate the validity of the observation that the only thing we learn from history, is that we learn little from history. As my favorite NWO, illuminati, Masonic, 911 causing, nutcase says: Doom

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