My Daughter

My Daughter
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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Peak Oil Dodgeball

I'm not sure what politically correct, weeny version of dodge ball the kids play today; probably wearing helmets & throwing marshmallows.

But back in the day, we played real dodge ball.

With nothing but your wits to protect you, we took the field of honor with the knowledge of certain pain and humiliation to come. Stalking through a sea of bodies, alert to incoming salvos of small red kick-balls, we played our ancient game.


We played a version where the side boundaries changed through the game, ending up with the final competitors only feet from one another. The times we played with volleyballs were a brutal and frightening dance with danger & pain.

Sounds fun huh? What's funny is... it was fun.

Pitted, against our own will, in a contest of domination & pain, we learned to enjoy the art of combat. We quickly learned that the pain and humiliation came no matter what we did, so we were taught to stalk and execute, to prey upon each other.

You don't get to choose sides in dodge ball do you?

The side chooses you.

Flash forward a quarter of a century... we find ourselves in the same situation.

By virtue of geography, creed, religion or just luck, your side has chosen you.

And it is only the utter futility of your situation which will force you to finally accept the status quo... and play. Just like in dodge ball.

As we see plainly in New Orleans today, humanity isn't nearly as advanced & sophisticated as we like to think it is. Rather we are all one step away from violence and chaos; cruelty and retribution, panic and pain.

Just like in dodge ball...

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