My Daughter

My Daughter
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Friday, October 21, 2005

The Real Problem

Peak oil, terrorism, poverty, environmental destruction, war.

What we are really talking about is human nature.

By habit or convention we view these issues as the challenges we face. But the reality is that we visit these things upon ourselves and our planet. The root cause of these 5 "challenges" have a common origin... and it's us. Absent human intervention, not one of these issues would exist at all in the way we know them today.

Our advances as a species seem to come with a hefty price.

The traditional approach to solving the dilemma of human nature is attempts to control. To prevent our human nature from expressing itself in harmful ways. As the reader knows, it's been a mixed bag of results to say the least. But it's at the root of all human civilization... stuff you are not supposed to be doing.

There's an old axiom which says that you can't legislate intent.

Human Nature.

Our failures to control the expression of our natures is the descendant of this idea.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Even the ancients recognized this basic truth. By attempted selected breeding programs, several populations have managed to preserve a certain clarity of genetic drift in their genotype over the centuries. But even the venerable Hebrew & Chinese bloodlines have begun to drift... You can't legislate intent.

Modern science has opened a Pandora's box of possibilities to humanity, including the miracle of cloning.

We are on the journey to uncover & map the mysteries of why you are you, and I'm me. Does anyone really doubt that someday, (maybe even some day in the past), that man will come to understand the processes of life so thoroughly, that we can literally redesign ourselves generation by generation? If we learn to treat diseases born of genetic defects, how long till we begin to manipulate other things? Think of the expression of genetic power across the history of life on Earth. From the greatest dinosaur, to the smallest virus... what if we become free to borrow the code which supports these creatures for ourselves?

What parent would deny their child the guarantee of freedom from genetic disease?

But what if you could choose other things? Hair, eyes, strength, intelligence, size, etc... If science could guarantee your child to be born strong, attractive, brilliant & compassionate, would you say no?

So what about human nature?

Could genetics hold the key to disposition in a breeding population?

What's your biggest grip? Mine is stupid people... people are pretty stupid.

Could we imagine a world without stupidity?

Is it possible that our only hope, is to reinvent humanity?

Send in the clones.


startonline said...
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someday said...

once we as a speices,,have reached inlightenment,there will be peace,which makes me think that god must be in the bis.of starting the ball rollin,,but low maintanence on keepin it all headed in the right direction,,it seem to be sink or swim,,,question,How many civilizations have been stuck in the animal-mood,and not been able to live in peace,which will waste all resorce's on war....and without peace,,they cant prepair for the next big asteriod hit,,,and like We find ourselfs in at this present,,,with bird flu/disease's which because of over population,,nations will likely use as preemtive weapon,,as soon as there prepaired with vacine..and they will control which of there own citizens the want left behind,,,With out higher inteligence/inlightenment,,,I dont think the human race will be able to save itself,,,and maybe thats gods reset know the earth can live a long time,,,RESET.???