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My Daughter
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Monday, January 30, 2006

Death by Innovation

What we need is a synthesis of the core values of opposing camps.

The "get stuff done" attitude of the business community & the "sense of civic responsibility" of the academic community.

In their zeal to "get stuff done", the business community all but abandons the wisdom of carefully considering the consequences of success.

Likewise, our academics focus on the details of process, often at the expense of "getting stuff done".

We should preserve the insights gained in the microcosm of individual studies, and apply these concepts to real-time macro issues.

And we should mitigate the excesses of purely competition-based solutions, as well as the "detached" apathy of purely academic focus.

To accomplish this, we should begin the process of a new synthesis in education & thinking. We should integrate the best aspects of these different viewpoints beginning with primary, & later secondary schools. This effort will become a renaissance in modern thinking which will dominate older, less flexible models replacing them with more robust & realistic thinking.

Within a few generations, our society will be dominated by centered, realistic thinkers well equipped to face the enormous challenges which surely face mankind.

In fact I believe that eventually we will reach such an equilibrium.

The only real question is will we embrace this development in our evolution voluntarily, or will nature drag us kicking & screaming?

If I was a betting man... I'd have to go with "kickin & screamin".

I have difficulty imagining that enough people will volunteer themselves in this venture to make any difference.

In a world where our population continues to grow exponentially, and small groups of people, (& indeed even individuals), can vastly influence the decisions which are acted upon, it would seem pretty obvious that we are in trouble.

Past events dictate future occurrences.

Kickin & screamin I'm afraid.

Oooh! Ahhh! That's how it always starts. Then later there's running and screaming.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

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real1 said...

Im not an energy expert but, as an economist my understending is that higher oil prices and peak oil are good thing both for the environmental condition of the planet and for technology inovation and research. Less pollution and more incinitve for use and development of alternative ,clean and chep energy.