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My Daughter
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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Corporate Disinformation Trolling on the Rise

Anecdotal evidence is generally speaking a poor measure of reality, since it involves extrapolating from individual pieces of evidence.

That said, here's my anecdotal observation. seems to be the target of an increased corporate troll presence.

As part of our normal procedures we "look the other way" & tolerate a certain level of this kind of posting. It's impossible to eliminate anyway, & often has the opposite effect than was intended by the troller. But lately, we have been seeing a rash of these disinformation posts & so it hit my radar.

Now I can't share with you specifically how I know who's trolling & who's just misinformed... or where these messages originate. But I can tell you that some of these folks use some pretty elaborate techniques to prevent techs like me from tracing them.

Newsflash... I'm better at this than you are... (Anon proxy all you like... not how I'm finding you anyway. MAC Spoofers should beware though)

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting & wanted to share my observations with the community.

It's kinda funny, in a deadly serious sort of way, & is the biggest compliment I can think of to bestow on the Peak Oil movement. I promise not to do any tech evil against your trolling butts... but I'm just a guy & don't speak for the entire community. Lota pissed-off folks out there ya know?

What really amazes me is that these people don't seem to realize that the Peak Oil message puts the energy industry at the front of the line & all but guarantees massive profits for these companies... for a while anyway.

Troll on morons... troll on.


Ringwind said...

Google Search: Abiotic oil

Google Search: The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects

David Howard said...

google: The Fake Oil Crisis of 1973