My Daughter

My Daughter
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cell Phone Technology

So not long ago I laundered my BlackBerry. I was just washing a load of laundry, and found my BlackBerry Curve staring up at me from the bottom of the washing machine with a look of sad resignation on it's face. Just as a note for future cell phone treatments, this washing did nothing to improve the performance of my device. In fact... well... you can imagine.

I've been a BlackBerry user for many years as a corporate warrior, and consider the phone an extension of my digital presence. So of course I went on a hunt for a replacement for my now water-logged device right away. Being the Internet guy I am, I started looking online for shops specializing in smartphones and came across these guys. I had intended to just replace my damaged phone, but after looking at some of the other offerings I decided to replace my BlackBerry with Google's GPhone. I had considered the iphone because of the many iphone accessories, and cool iphone case choices but went with the Gphone instead. I liked the iphone car charger available with the iphone, and the full body case as well as the dockking station which is also a charger, but liked how the GPhone used the same mini USB for headphones. It was a tough decision because the iphone is so popular, and there are many add-on applications available for it, but in the end it was the open source operating system of the GPhone, and the excellent HTC hardware which won me over.

I love it...

Since I already use GMail & Calander etc... the GPhone was a simple transition. Popped my old sim card into my G1 and the phone did the rest. All my contacts, email, calanders etc... just appeared like magic and I was off to the races.

And take my advice... if you want a headset... get the JawBone... you will love it. Clear as a bell.

Now if I can just manage not to wash this one... I'm good.

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