My Daughter

My Daughter
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Orleans Jazz Festival!

It's time once again for the New Orleans Jazz Festival!

I have been to this festival many times over the years and have always had a great time. The cultural diversity of this city is highlighted by the wide variety of music, food and fun activities.
Everybody is welcome!
Except for this year... if you happen to be white.
With the Trayvon Martin case fresh in everyone's mind, it's a decidedly less friendly environment than in years past for lighter-skinned visitors. My girlfriend's sister & husband visited there last weekend with some friends, and came back with stories of rude, pushy & even threatening behavior they endured at the hands of resident blacks. If it were an isolated case I would be inclined to dismiss such stories as simple bad luck in running across the odd bigot or two. But multiple shopkeepers, blacks on the street, and even trolley conductors made it perfectly clear that they were not welcome in their city... frowns, hostile stares, refusals of service multiple times & even pushing & shoving left them feeling not only unwelcome, but actually in potential physical danger several times. One visitor commented she would not go back unarmed... if then.
A friend offered me tickets to this coming weekend's festival, which I politely declined. I'm not prejudiced myself, but didn't want to expose myself or my girlfriend to a hostile environment we didn't create and cannot control.
So if you plan to attend the festival this weekend my advice to you is... Don't be white.
Congratulations New Orleans... some of you seem to be uneducated, pathetic losers. I foresee Best Buy losing some flat-screen TVs in the near future.
Enjoy your awful, racist festival... you deserve it.